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Worry Free Cottage Reads

The heat has arrived! And with it, of course, the summer and vacation season. We are at the point where people are setting up their cottages and campsites. Cleaning, figuring out what to re-stock, and of course trying to figure out what your going to read this summer.

This is question that can be hard to answer. Personally? If I were to head out to the campsite today I’d be bringing Pullman’s “Book of Dust” and Boyden’s “Three Day Road” from the top of my to-read list. I just want to put a dent in the thing, and what better time to do it than vacation time?

On the other hand, a lot of people I talk to aren’t looking to make progress like that when they camp. What they want are books they can enjoy and not worry about losing or getting damaged. I had one customer refer to them as "fall off the dock books." Maybe some Harlequin romances, some Executioners, or even a stack of L’Amours’?

Are you looking for some titles that can be passed around worry free? Or maybe accidentally left out on the dock? Try our discount rack!

Fill a bag with discount romances and science-fiction fantasy for $5.00 or pick a select few for $0.50 each.

Check out the hardcovers on the other side with authors like John Sandford, Danielle Steel and more. Fill a bag of hardcovers for $8.00 or cherry pick your title for $2.00 each. Not a bad deal.

If non-fiction is more your speed check out the discount table in the back with a variety of titles and subjects all for under $4.00.

What is your favourite type of book to bring to camp? Let us know on facebook!


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