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Starting Them Young

Falling in love with a book is a life-changing experience and it's best to have it young. Once you've had a taste you're sure to come back for more until you're old and grey.

5th generation Ayden enjoying some of his earliest reads

From Dr. Seuss to Mercer Meyer, Nancy Drew to the Hardy Boys, there have always been books to entice children to fall in love with the written word. Now with the rise in popularity of graphic novels there are even more tools to get reluctant readers to pick up a book.

Series like Bone, Knights of the Lunch Table and Amulet among others have proven to be catnip for reluctant readers.

The combination of humour, compelling stories and pictures will have kids picking up thicker books than they ever imagined they could read. Yes, that 130 page graphic novel may not have much text, but all it can take is that one book completed for a kid to realize that yeah, they can do it, and they do like it, and aren't you proud that they read a book that long?!

All it takes is one to start building their confidence enough to pick up another.

Whether it's Little Golden Books, Step Readers (which range in content to virtually everything under the sun) or Captain Underpants, what matters is that kids are reading and learning.

To help with the process, Allison the Bookman has family day every Sunday. If you come in with your family you will save 20% off your entire purchase to help offset the cost of raising the next generation of readers.


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