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Inside the O'Brien's - Review

Inside the O'Briens by Lisa Genova A family's struggle living with a fatal disease. A father’s realization that a truth he has grown up believing has, in fact, been a lie that now affects his children.

Joe is a Boston city cop, happily married and the father of four children; an idyllic life. Slowly his personality is changing, and he is the only who can’t see it. Soon nothing is as it was before for anyone in the O'Brien family.

Lisa Genova has delved into the worlds of Alzheimer's, traumatic brain injuries and autism. In her newest book she takes us on a journey of living with Huntington's, the pain, the heartbreak and the loss. What makes Inside the O'briens different from her previous books, is the point of view. Her other books were primarily written from a single point of view, that of the sufferer, whereas this book, rather like the disease it is about, focuses on the sufferer and his daughter. While reading Lisa Genova's books in the the past I always felt pulled along with the story right through until the end when the book would have a definitive conclusion. Instead, this book leaves readers asking themselves… "what would I do?"

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